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The idea was first discussed between two friends David and Matthew, the conversation was around sleep.. or to be more precise the lack of it! The more they talked about our disrupted sleep and how stress and anxiety impacted their lives the more determined they became to do something about it. From this initial chat TheaWellbeing was born, a company focused on the wellness sector. Based in London.​


Theawellbeing launched Melo in 2021, a handheld device to support mindful breathing. The first product of its kind - a uniquely portable "pebble like" device that guides the user through breathing techniques used throughout the ages to reduce anxiety/stress, improve concentration and promote general feelings of wellbeing. Later in 2022, Blyss followed - a weighted blanket that supports sleep. Looking at the product roadmap, we've got a lot to work on this year - the next products (oh, I can't say just yet) will further cement Theawellbeing as a serious brand invested in mindfulness. Given the application of the products, it seems trivial to say - but the packaging and design is amazing! I have my melo with me at all times thanks to the included keychain!


Whilst stress and anxiety have been around as long as mankind (as have mindfulness practices) it is only recently that technology has caught up. I guess the only silver lining to the pandemic is that it has shone a light on mental health - it is something that is now discussed, rather than hidden. One of the fastest growth categories - products that support promoting mental wellbeing have played a big part in our business growth over the last twelve months. For retail and distribution a genuine opportunity for incremental business in a "hot" category that is showing phenomenal YOY growth. Theawellbeing have an exciting and truly innovative product roadmap that will support retail placement and execution of a dedicated space in stores for this growth category. 


Whilst the core range sits across a number of potential retail verticals (CE, Home & Living, Health & Wellbeing, Gift and Gadget) we're interested in reviewing the regional opportunity in detail to map the opportunity fully. With visibility to the full product assortment, I (and the team) believe that there is a genuine opportunity to build this category online/offline with the right launch partners in country.  


Visual merchandising is extremely important to the team at Vonmählen.  

To support correct retail execution Vonmählen have developed a suite of display materials and offer bespoke designs to support any retail environment. Displays support all product categories and are available in a choice of permanent (there is a cost implication) and single use cardboard POS for countertop or freestanding purposes. Packaging/display/materials are aligned to brand values and promote "nordic simplicity".  

Lifestyle, videos and product images  are categorised and offered to all partners through an online portal, ensuring ready access at any time. Assets to support social media placement are also available subject to any local translation needs. Further support for online sales is available from Vonmählen's ecommerce team.

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