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The year was 2015. We weren’t MOFT yet, we were just three friends that spent most of our time in hotels, coffee shops and on airplanes for work. Which we loved—the freedom, the new sights, sounds and experiences. What we didn’t love was trying to stay productive for work while doing it—home office equipment was heavy, bulky and honestly, pretty ugly. Which meant we were constantly lugging around these bags full of big, clunky extra accessories just so we could work. Out of necessity MOFT was born.


Today, MOFT designs products with every aspect of working on-the-go in mind. They remain dedicated to their mission: empowering people in their pursuit of new experiences without sacrificing productivity. Their current product catalogue includes magsafe stand solutions for iPhone, laptop and tablet stands (including stand desks) and many other oh so funky accessories. Many of their uniquely clever solutions support multiple functions; the magsafe Stand has an integrated wallet, another example: the latest laptop stand doubles as a travel case. Crafted from lightweight and durable materials, MOFT accessories do not add bulk to your laptop bag and are easily removed - although in all honesty the team @ hutton tend to leave them on!


Where to start? MOFT are a must have accessory for every environment (retail/distribution) that sells laptops, smartphones and tablets - period. There is nothing available that competes (thanks to the clever lawyers @ MOFT protecting their IP) in terms of form factor, innovation and design. Consumers love MOFT, demonstrated not only in retail sell through, but also through their crowd funding campaigns - several of which have hit the record books in terms of backing. Just when you think things can't get smarter, boom, they do it again with altogether new ways of supporting work on the go. Innovation runs deep at MOFT and their roadmap is full of unique, clever solutions that will delight consumers and deliver incremental revenue to partners. 


It may be easier to thing about where MOFT should not be sold :)

As above, every environment selling hardware creates an attach opportunity. CE retail, APR's. Telecom, Department stores. Then let's open this up - office supplies stores, book stores (kindle), gift and gadget retail, travel (thats a must) the list could go on and on and cover everywhere you could travel also - hotels, co-working spaces etc etc. Suffice to say that the traditional retail opportunity alone is vast before we even think about ecommerce. Also worth noting that MOFT support the premiums market with a branded catalogue for B2B.

Brand Website:

Region:  APAC | EMEA

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