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Region:  APAC | EMEA

the outside in


Taiwanese brand owner, Harry Huang, looks at things differently. Motivated by design and the use of materials to create products that are not only incredibly functional - but look amazing. Harry focuses on products that inspire adventure, getting outdoors and enjoying nature. 



Launched in 2020, the MINI Grill has been a phenomenal success throughout APAC and internationally. A personal grill! Harry created an altogether new category (BBQ for one) that was compact, well featured and (if this is a word we can use for a BBQ) beautiful. Available in many colours this design led grill reinvigorated a category and encouraged people not only to spend more time outdoors, but also to think seriously about the environmental issues of using disposable BBQ's. From the MINI, came the BUDDY and now the latest iteration of Kenluck grills - the PARTY, which allows for your friends to feast as well. Turning attention to another category "beach carts/wagons" the Kenluck assortment again delivers. The ADVANCED, ESSENTIAL and MINI wagon are perhaps the most attractive products we've found in this growth category and deliver the gold standard in transporting all your "bits and pieces" to the camp site or beach...


The question should be why not? If like us you appreciate good design (but without sacrificing functionality), Kenluck have made some of the least practical categories, practical; and some of the most dowdy product categories exciting. From a retail perspective, Kenluck have invigorated retail displays throughout EMEA, creating an exciting (and colourful) space in store that has attracted interest and delivered incremental sales; and, where the grill was an upsell to a disposable product, incremental margin. For our APAC partners, stock of all models is in Asia, reducing freight costs and will small MOQ's an opportunity to scale something without the financial risk attached to larger stock commitments. A full digital library of lifestyle and product images is available to support online. A 10 year guarantee supports consumer confidence.


We've seen great results from the traditional outdoor channel (both independent and national) - but also, due to the design of the products, lifestyle stores and speciality retail. Seasonal sets within department stores have been a perfect opportunity to attract consumers to the BBQ range. A full digital library of lifestyle and product images is available to support online merchandising. 


Visual merchandising is extremely important to the team at Vonmählen.  

To support correct retail execution Vonmählen have developed a suite of display materials and offer bespoke designs to support any retail environment. Displays support all product categories and are available in a choice of permanent (there is a cost implication) and single use cardboard POS for countertop or freestanding purposes. Packaging/display/materials are aligned to brand values and promote "nordic simplicity".  

Lifestyle, videos and product images  are categorised and offered to all partners through an online portal, ensuring ready access at any time. Assets to support social media placement are also available subject to any local translation needs. Further support for online sales is available from Vonmählen's ecommerce team.

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