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Designed in California. Like most of the very best products and brands, Grip2u was born out of necessity. Launched back in the early days of the iPhone (when the pricing of phones became super expensive) the founders goal was simple - design a range of cases that prevented costly "drop" damage to phones & hence the brand, products and vision came into being. Grip2u have stayed grounded to their vision - each year focused on the solutions that prevent costly phone damage. Innovative, versatile case solutions that (whilst they do protect your phone if you drop it) have prevention front and centre - oh, and let's not forget design :)


Within their iPhone case assortment, Grip2u have 3 different models - the Slim (a form hugging case for those that do not like to add bulk to their phone), the Boost - an altogether more rugged case with mil spec drop protection and kickstand, and the Silicone -  an oh so tactile model made from super premium silicon. And here is where it get's interesting. All models use Grip2u's patented interchangeable grip system; ensuring that once your phone is in your hand it stays there. Thin enough to support wireless charging, Grip2u cases are both functional, protective and unique. Change the design by swapping out a band. Antimicrobial protection covers all cases.


I'm sure that this question is a little redundant if you have dropped your expensive phone at some point (like most of have so don't feel too bad) . In fact, I read a statistic the other day that 38% of us have dropped the phone within 10 weeks of purchase! Grip2u pioneered the Grip case - whilst many have followed, they maintain a leading position in this space with a truly innovative solution that supports consumers. For retailers and distributors an opportunity to provide partners/consumers with a highly differentiated assortment of cases that prevents damage, and if you do drop your phone keep it safe. Stock in Asia to support reduced freight and duty charges and thanks to Grip2u's speed to market - product available before the new iPhone drops each year. Form and function in perfect harmony.

The market for smartphone cases (as you know) is vast, that said the opportunity (supply meets demand) is equally large. There is little innovation in this space - Grip2u are a very different case manufacturer.


On launch of the brand our focus was within the Apple channel - where the phones are sold, since then we've progressed into the network space and broadened our channel mapping to everywhere where the hardware and protection for the iPhone is sold. 


Visual merchandising is extremely important to the team at Vonmählen.  

To support correct retail execution Vonmählen have developed a suite of display materials and offer bespoke designs to support any retail environment. Displays support all product categories and are available in a choice of permanent (there is a cost implication) and single use cardboard POS for countertop or freestanding purposes. Packaging/display/materials are aligned to brand values and promote "nordic simplicity".  

Lifestyle, videos and product images  are categorised and offered to all partners through an online portal, ensuring ready access at any time. Assets to support social media placement are also available subject to any local translation needs. Further support for online sales is available from Vonmählen's ecommerce team.

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