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LOLA is a consumer brand of Bullboat UK. Based in London, and covering much of Europe, Bullboat are a true value added distributor in the lifestyle and technology space. Bullboat have helped countless young brands establish a presence both across retail and online and have a solid and practical understanding of what needs to be done to be successful with new and highly innovative products and brands. Bullboat have successully scaled business within EMEA for brands like LARQ, Fitbit, activbody, misfit and many others.


A range of female orientated personal massage guns. Recognising the opportunity in this growth category, LOLA have created a strong ultra compact solution that supports portability. Whilst small, LOLA packs a mighty punch (in this case size doesn't matter) in fact it supports the target demographic with a solution that can easily be dropped into a gym bag or purse. With a choice of four interchangeable heads LOLA is the ideal companion for reducing post exercise soreness; but also to reduce stress and anxiety and just to relax! USB charged and available in a range of colours that will just pop on the shelf. 


Products within this category are performing well thanks to brands like Theragun; in fact, in addition to carving our the category they have established a super premium space for their product in stores. Theragun is also incredibly bulky and not practical for smaller hands (I have small hands).  Enter LOLA, small compact, design led and incredibly well spec'd as a challenger brand in this space. With the backing of a parent/distributor who understands the value of retail merchandising, asset creation and influencer led marketing our APAC retail and distribution partners have the tools that they need to be successful within this space. 


LOLA has been extremely well received in EMEA and the US, securing product listings from the like of Nordstrom, Selfridges, Urban outfitters, Oliver Bonas - to mention just a few. Whilst LOLA is different in form factor, the packaging and product designs have also appealed to the fashion retail channel who stock a range of complimentary accessories for health & wellbeing/fitness. From an APAC perspective - Department stores, Gift and Gadget, CE, Sports and any retailer/etailer who carries and supports both health and wellbeing (pharmacy etc) would be a potential prospect.


Visual merchandising is extremely important to the team at Vonmählen.  

To support correct retail execution Vonmählen have developed a suite of display materials and offer bespoke designs to support any retail environment. Displays support all product categories and are available in a choice of permanent (there is a cost implication) and single use cardboard POS for countertop or freestanding purposes. Packaging/display/materials are aligned to brand values and promote "nordic simplicity".  

Lifestyle, videos and product images  are categorised and offered to all partners through an online portal, ensuring ready access at any time. Assets to support social media placement are also available subject to any local translation needs. Further support for online sales is available from Vonmählen's ecommerce team.

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