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For the past 40 years, Diesel has been a leading pioneer in denim and casual fashion, moving outside and ahead of trends in its industry, spearheading the world of premium casualwear, and becoming a true alternative to traditional luxury. Diesel stands for passion, individuality and self-expression.


Throughout the years, Diesel has perfected the art of next-level denim with products master-crafted by denim experts, who excel in design, construction and treatments, with an eye for experimentation. Today, Diesel applies its expertise and profound love for research to many different categories, creating a real lifestyle offer. The range of complementary items includes kid’s apparel, fragrances, watches and jewelry, eyewear, furniture, in partnership with leading licensing players




New for August 2021. The Diesel True Wireless earbuds will change the way that you listen to music, driven by their own sense of style and sound quality. The quintessence of the Diesel premium alternative vision. Available in two striking colours.




The Charge Case

Finished with a premium metal Diesel logo in the centre of the charge case, the case looks as good as the functionality it provides. With an internal battery capable of providing three full charges to the earbuds, total play time is around 32 hours. The case supports wireless (Qi) charging or through a type C port on the rear of the case. An LED indicator identifies remaining power, or status of the charge cycle. Swivel lid safely protects the buds when not in use (or charging) and a silicon/rubber ring prevents the case from slipping from your hand when wet.

The Wireless Buds

Using the latest in bluetooth technology 5.0 the buds have a range of 15m from the connected device allowing you to roam and enjoy the superb audio quality. The metal D on the side of the buds acts as a multi function button so you can skip, pause or forward your music and answer/finish calls. The buds support voice assistant (Siri and Google) as well as stereo (two bud) or mono (one bud) use. Heading outdoors? The buds are IPX4 splash resistant incase you get caught in storm



The sustainable plastic free packaging is made entirely from paper and cardboard. There is NO plastic involved. With the space saving design of the box, Diesel made sure that all the available space was used allowing for a reduction in carbon emissions during shipping.



Superb audio quality (don't take our word for it - try yourself) wrapped in a designer premium luxury design. Want to make a statement about who you are? Love the values that Diesel stand for "Passion, Individuality and self expression" we do! Oh, did we mention the price tag? Ask us, they are far more affordable than you would think!


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