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Based in Northern Germany, Vonmählen develop, design, produce, and market tech lifestyle accessories. Technology determines our day-to-day life. It is at the center of our lives and supports us in organizing, communicating, and orienting ourselves. Recognising the importance of mobile technology Vonmählen's assortment is designed to support an "on the go" lifestyle. In 2022 Vonmählen were acquired by leading social media company The Social Chain AG further strengthening their business.


Vonmählen's products are characterized by a unique combination of technical functionality, elegant design, and material use. Products fall into a number of accessory categories including "Grip", "Connect", "Power" and "Audio" providing maximum freedom and comfort in everyday digital life. All product ideas and concepts are created with love for detail and passion at their headquarters in Lüneburg. The collections they create are characterized by the use of recurring colors, materials, and design elements. The products in their portfolio, which have been thought out down to the smallest detail, can be freely combined and complement each other perfectly thanks to the uniform Nordic design language. Their signature colors of rose gold, black, and silver underpin this collection idea. 


It is amazing that Vonmählen have just turned 3; what they've achieved in such a short period of time is nothing short of amazing. Countless design and innovation awards attest to the success their design team are having in the creation of their tech accessories offer, and the sales of their key products continue to scale aligned to their regional expansion and focus on creating the very best lifestyle accessories.  As an example; consider allroundo (featured image below) their all in one charge cable - since launching the product they've sold over 2,000,000 units (in just three short years). A strong product roadmap in all key focus categories provides retail and distribution partners continuous innovation. Whilst Vonmählen play in a fiercely competitive space, the offer, branding and innovation have cemented their growth within their key B&M channel and online marketplaces.  


Vonmählen/we have seen success within a number of verticals in their EMEA/APAC regions - CE retail, Apple Premium Resellers, Department stores, and Travel being just a few examples. The focus on creating best in class assets (more below) is in part driven by ecommerce, creating a clear and unmistakeable identity online. In addition to the retail/etail channel opportunities, corporate gifting is an important part of the business, Vonmählen offer branded solutions as a part of a B2B assortment.


Visual merchandising is extremely important to the team at Vonmählen.  

To support correct retail execution Vonmählen have developed a suite of display materials and offer bespoke designs to support any retail environment. Displays support all product categories and are available in a choice of permanent (there is a cost implication) and single use cardboard POS for countertop or freestanding purposes. Packaging/display/materials are aligned to brand values and promote "nordic simplicity".  

Lifestyle, videos and product images  are categorised and offered to all partners through an online portal, ensuring ready access at any time. Assets to support social media placement are also available subject to any local translation needs. Further support for online sales is available from Vonmählen's ecommerce team.

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