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We've worked with/for companies that have created apps "for the sake of it", Ampere is different. For their latest hero products (Shower Power and Dusk) the app not only provides valuable insight into things like battery power or if the device is connected, but meaningful control over the hardware. The example to the right is for "Dusk" their Smart Glasses. Using the app you can literally control the tint of the polarised lenses. Gimmic? We think not - think about how useful it would be to control how dark your lenses are by the brightness of the sun. 

With the "Shower Power" range the app allows you too monitor water usage, adjust the LED lightshow and even use the lights to identify the temperature of the water before you jump in! The app will also support updates.

Smart Glasses | Dusk

The team at AirPop reimagined everything about how masks work, how they fit, how they feel and how they’re made. Traditional PPE masks are a product of the machines that make them rather than the people that wear them. AirPop started from how humans breathe to design the ideal mask experience.

Hydro Powered Speaker | Shower Power

the outside in


Founded by two US entrepreneurs from the mobile/audio space, Ampere has become one of the most exciting new brands in the connected tech space. With the founders based in Southern China they are close to the manufacturing sites of all products ensuring that they are on hand at any given moment to resolve challenges and ensure the quality of the assortment is aligned to their vision for the brand. We love their commitment to the environment, sourcing materials that are either recycled or don't hurt the planet - their commitment to sustainability is unwavering (even the stickers on the product packaging are made from cornstarch!) Ampere has evolved from a pure D2C play and 2022 heralds their introduction to retail/distribution.


Ampere design from the "ground up" unique one of a kind tech products that answer a clear consumer need. TBH we were blown away with the level of innovation evident in their "Hero assortment" - a hydro (water) powered bluetooth speaker for the shower, an app driven set of smart glasses where you have total control on the tint? In an industry that likes to make step changes to existing products to show innovation, Ampere are re-writing the rule book on product development.  With.  super exciting product roadmap for the rest of 2022 and beyond it is evident that the level of innovation demonstrated in their current products will continue well into the future.


Ampere have demonstrated from their crowd funded campaigns and D2C model the level of consumer interest in their unique, fun, one of a kind tech. Note it is a $xxm business (just in case you thought this is a small operation).  For our retail and distribution partners the opportunity to offer consumers genuinely different solutions in growth categories should be the primary motivator. Due to the level of innovation and "unique-ness" of the assortment the level of engagement with the brand is high - in addition to numerous awards (CES Innovation, Best buy etc) they're unsurprisingly featured regularly in the tech and consumer press driving awareness and footfall into stores.  We're looking to leverage this regionally together with the success they've seen through their influencer campaigns regionally.


The channel opportunity is broad. Given the "Hero" products are app enabled (ios and android) - see below for example)  the obvious retail placement is CE, gift and gadget, and selected online marketplaces; however, as some of the products, consider "Dusk" their app enabled smart glasses will also be prescription ready we are exploring the opportunity to partner with leading optical retailers. Also, whilst I think about it - if you continue with the "Fishing where the fish are" thinking - DIY stores would be logical for shower power. Suffice to say that there are countless opportunities...

Brand Website:

Region:  APAC | Selected channels in EMEA

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