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The Vibrant Silk Collection

The Timeless Collection

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Region:  APAC | EMEA

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Founded in Milan, Revested Milano is the brainchild of Andrea Bianconi.  Andrea Bianconi prefers a life made of a few things, but of high quality. An experimenter by nature, Andrea has always been fascinated by the opportunity to surprise and innovate fusing his love of all things Italian, handcrafted objects and technology.


Sartorial styling meets the iPhone. A collection of unique design led protective cases for the latest generation of Apple smartphones. The Vibrant silk collection, made from the finest silks from Lake Como (Italy) and the Timeless collection is hand crafted from the finest Australian and New Zealand wools, then spun by wool mills in the Biella area, where the textile art employs procedures handed down over the centuries - intensely well-guarded secrets. 


We express our individuality many ways, but perhaps the most obvious way is in our personal styling and the clothes that we wear. Revested Milano have for the very first time fused high fashion, luxury silks and wools with age old sartorial styling to align personal taste with protection for your iPhone.

And yes - there is most definitely a consumer that appreciates quality and design in the accessories that they choose. Revested Milano caters to this consumer (who like Andrea prefers having a few exceptional pieces).

For our retail and distribution partners, Revested Milano provides a very real opportunity to cater to a consumer that is left wanting with the current "disposable" mix found in stores. 

Increase ASP, create a fashion statement in stores and most importantly do not leave money on the table by sending consumers to luxury boutiques to accessorise their device purchase. 


We've focused our business development efforts in APAC on premium retail - department stores, fashion boutiques but also and (we believe that this is key) where the devices are sold. Supporting our Apple Premium resellers and distributors with the tools that they need to be successful with a premium assortment has been our primary focus. We've some exciting news coming for Asia on collaborations in the Silk space - will be announced soon.

For non Apple resellers we have a suite of instore materials that support placement and the "theatre" - on point with brand values, and supporting our omichannel approach, online assets - lifestyle images for web/social and premium marketplace listings.

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