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AirPop have become the gold standard mask choice for global powerhouses like Bestbuy, Target, Lowes and Staples. In APAC we have supported placement in Harvey Norman, Bing Lee, Decathlon - to mention a few. Channel - Mass market, Pharmacy, Sports, CE, Tech, Gift and Gadget. Supporting retail placement with innovative and attractive POS, we've been educating consumers at the point of sale that all masks "are not created equal" shouting out the key benefits of AirPop in fit, performance and breathability. 

Outside of traditional B&M retail, a full suite of assets exists to support online. Videos, product and lifestyle images that both explain the USP's of Airpop and the material/design focus that compliments an active lifestyle choice. Our digital team have created a shopify template - supporting the D2C play regionally for our partners. Click image below to access the Australian site - available to all APAC territories where we have an active presence.

Everyday Mask Assortment

Advanced Mask Assortment

Brand Website:

Region:  APAC | Selected channels in EMEA


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AirPop is the world’s first “air wearables” company. Since 2015, they've been leveraging anthropomorphic & material science with the latest technology to build ultra-high-performance products that provide an unrivalled breathing experience for millions of users around the world.

Comprised of an award-winning team of experts in performance apparel, ergonomics, air filtration, material science, and advanced manufacturing.


The team at AirPop reimagined everything about how face masks work, how they fit, how they feel and how they’re made. Traditional PPE masks are a product of the machines that make them rather than the people that wear them. AirPop started from how humans breathe to design the ideal mask experience.


Certified by all relevant global test-houses for efficacy and performance, AirPop have all (and a lot more) of the necessary certifications for sale in the PPE space.

With almost as many design awards for the range as test certifications there is not a brand that comes close to fit, comfort, and performance.

AirPop have also made masks smart with the addition of a sensor built into the premium Active mask. Connecting via and app (iOS and Android) the app gives visibility to air quality, and the harmful particulates collected when in use. 

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