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Dear The Great Room Member,

We're delighted to welcome you to Hutton.Shop


Hutton.Agency was founded in 2018 to bring some of the most exciting, innovative and unique brands into Asia. Brands that are not commonly available on the high street, brands that are particularly suitable to your quest for remote working and our "new normal".

Much like you, our business evolved from working remotely. The brands we have partnered with support this journey. We founded our business between co-working spaces in Hong Kong and London, so are uniquely positioned to understand the demands of this style of work. As our business has scaled and the team has grown, we have remained true to our "values", preferring freedom of movement over fixed locations that (in my mind) only serve to limit/tether a business. We prefer to be closer to our partners.

The solutions that you will find on the coming pages have been tried and tested - we use them every day in our co-working work-style. You won't find a product in the catalogue that we are not proud to say hasn't been thoroughly road tested. I really hope that you enjoy browsing the collection. 

We've brought brands together from around the world for the very first time. From luxury leather protection for your Apple hardware from Sweden, Italian silks and wools fashioned for the latest iPhone from Milan, to a range of accessories designed to improve posture and comfort during long work days, from New Delihi, India.

We are keen to learn. If there is a category that you feel would be beneficial to add to the shop, we're keen to support you. Please email me with suggestions.

And now to the good part. Through our discussions with The Great Room, we have agreed an additional discount site wide on all solutions. We also offer free delivery in Hong Kong. The current code is in the banner below (THEGREATROOM2020):


Click on the banner below, or here to visit our co-working store. The page will open in a new window, so you can return to this page for your exclusive Great Room coupon.

Once again, my personal thanks for taking the time to visit our site. I really hope that you enjoy what you find. It's been a journey of love for us!

Oh, nearly forgot. We're adding some useful "Life Hacks" to the page. If you have any tips and tricks for your co-workers, please email me so that I can publish to the site. I'd also extend an invitation to feature your business if you'd like to shout out to potential customers.

Kindest regards, 

Ben Hutton | Founder

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