WITHit - A bedtime story...

As a child I've fond memories of losing myself in a story, getting caught up in the narrative and fighting sleep to stay invested in whatever adventure I was reading (more than likely a Terry Pratchett discworld novel). I also remember having time to do this, something that I now wish I had more of! Wasn't life easier then?

WITHit support young (and old, like me) with a range of reading accessories designed to bring the fun back into reading. US market leaders in LED reading lights and accessories, sold in their domestic market through leading book store groups like Barnes & Noble (and many others). Read on!

Before partnering with WITHit in EMEA and APAC on their wearable accessories (US#1) I wasn't that familiar with "reading accessories". It was only after meeting with one of the largest book stores in Asia, that I started digging deeper into the category and exploring the options available to consumers. Note. the reaction from the retailer to the assortment, and subsequent selections, was a big motivation to learn more about the category and the competitive advantage that WITHit have in this space!!

So what are reading accessories? In the case of WITHit, the range includes LED reading lights, Bookmarks, and Magnifiers.

What I do know (for sure) is that WITHit have the most comprehensive offer available of any brand in this category, inject fun through their collaborations and have a truly unique offer for Children that inspires and motivates children to put down that device and dive head first into a good book!

I will let the images below do most of the talking; however, just to call out one of their many innovations in this category, I will mention briefly the "mark-my-time" assortment (main image).