Who says size doesn't matter? We do!

First up we love the design, but design for design's sake just doesn't make sense. The Kenluck Mini grill is a perfect example of good design and great functionality. We fell in love with the colourful designs and "retro" construction, but have been itching to put the mini grill through its paces since receiving samples. The model used for the test was the Mustard Matte Yellow version (10 other colour options available). Read on for the skinny...

TBH this test wasn't planned. Stuck in traffic (and hungry) on a long road trip we pulled off to a scenic area. We'd had the foresight to pick up a pack of self lighting charcoal and the vendors selling street food at the pit stop were more than happy to sell us a few of their "uncooked" (apologies to the vegetarians out there) pork kebabs and a handful of hot dog sausages!

So armed with the Kenluck Mini Grill, charcoal and some uncooked pork kebabs (and a growing audience of interested bystanders) we fired up the grill. Set up is easy..just open the metal box, remove the charcoal bowel (that extends) and light the charcoal. Within minutes our grill was fired up.

The build quality of the grill is exceptional. The fold out legs (which didn't get hot) allowed us to manoeuvre the grill easily, and the extendable charcoal bowel has air vents built in allowing the charcoal to heat up quickly. Whilst we used self lighting charcoal, we're sure that regular charcoal would be just as good thanks to the clever design from the folk at Kenluck.

Whilst the grill surface of the Mini Grill is relatively small (165x110x2 mm) we found that the BBQ was perfect for two. The charcoal (and this is probably more a reflection on the charcoal than the grill) maintained cooking temperature for an hour - more than enough time to cook all the food we had "procured" and we even went back for more!

After our fill, which made the drive back even more challenging (full bellies), the grill was super easy to pack away. Emptying the contents of charcoal bowel into a dedicated bin at the rest stop, we packed the grill and bowel back into the (beautiful) Mustard Yellow solid metal housing - ready for cleaning - et voila, off we went again.