I've got the best dressed iPhone in town..

If you're the kind of man that likes to look sharp, the kind of man that carefully selects your wardrobe and pays attention to the little details, then we've discovered the missing piece in your sartorial lifestyle. A missing piece that you didn't even know about. Have you thought about dressing your phone? I certainly hadn't before.

Coming from the undisputed fashion capital of the world, Milan (Italy), the team at Revested have created something truly unique and special in the mobile protection space. And when we say, unique, we mean unique.

Sure, there are premium options in the iPhone case space (we have bought many of them) and whilst these options have filled a niche in the mobile channel; in our search for products with a genuine USP, we haven't ever come across a brand that has gone quite as far as Revested in bringing high fashion to the mobile category.

Traditionally, premium case options have allowed retailers to increase ASP, addressing the single digit margin contribution from the hardware, and consumers to select a product that mirrors their 1. desire to be different, 2. demonstrate their social standing by having something that shows their purchasing power to peers (and others) and 3. - this is where Revested come in - create products that make you smile.

Revested Milano products make you smile.

Founded by Andrea Bianconi. Always animated by a great passion for fashion and style, Andrea Bianconi prefers a life made of a few things, but of high quality.

An experimenter by nature, Revested's founder has always been fascinated by the opportunity to surprise and innovate. He is a fan of all things Italian, handcrafted objects and technology. A series of passions and wide-ranging interests gave him the belief in something that did not yet exist, and he sought to create it without copying, without trying to be someone else. His dream was combined with the centuries of history and excellence that characterize Italy, in which Biella can boast the best producers of wool and Como the most prestigious silk producers.

Hutton.Agency are extremely proud to work in partnership with the team @Revested to bring their extraordinary range of wool and Como silk cases to the Asian consumer.

For more information, visit our webpage here or email Ben directly (ben@hutton.agency).

I will leave you with a few images, smile away!!!

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