Temper, temper..(ed) glass!

Traditionally it's the time of the year that we see a whole raft of new product introductions to support the upcoming Apple keynote and product launches. Our US case and protection partner, Grip2u, have not disappointed. In addition to an improved (and totally unique) case assortment for Q3, Grip2u have introduced a range of tempered glass screen protectors. Read on.

We're sure that you recognize Grip2u as a leading (and truly innovative) player in the protection space. Their award winning and highly innovative range of iPhone cases under the labels "Boost" and "Slim" created a completely new category back when the brand launched in 2012. Today, whilst there are many copy cat products - Grip2u have maintained their market positioning as having an assortment of highly differentiated cases designed to "prevent the drop". See more here

Strengthening their position in the US (and through Hutton.Agency, internationally) Grip2u have designed (in the US) a range of tempered glass screen protectors that deliver value and performance whilst staying true to the companies core values of protection and affordability.

All versions feature "Auto Install Technology" and in light of recent concerns an "AntiMicrobial coating". The install technology delivers effortless application of the screens - something that if you have ever tried to install your own screen protector, you will welcome! In light of recent concerns over transmission of viruses and germs, the antimicrobial coating is a welcome addition to any device. Incidentally they have also applied an AntiMicrobial coating to all models in their case assortment also.

Available to support all the new sizes and versions of the. upcoming iPhone 12 assortment, there are three base models:

  1. AntiMicrobial $29.99

  2. AntiMicrobial + Blue Light Filter $32.99

  3. AntiMicrobial + Privacy Filter $35.99

All models have been crafted from the most durable "ultra" tempered glass with built-in antimicrobial protection.