Self-Care Matters | Ostrich Pillow

Ostrich Pillow believe Self-Care is a long-term goal which is made up of countless micro-moments. Creating rituals and habits so that taking one’s own wellbeing and happiness into one’s own hands becomes second nature.

Self-Care has been a core part of the Ostrich Pillow values since the brand was conceived.

When Ostrich launched their first product, they wanted people to sleep and rest more, to take care of themselves. They called it the “Napping Revolution” because they were aware the lack of sleep was affecting the wellbeing of people. That was the initial step, and it is true that was clearly focused on two of our three pillars: mental and physical. But also, all of their products have the emotional side with the materials, the shape, the moments they were conceived for. All the products in their assortment that followed had the same focus, offering wellbeing for traveling, meditation, etc. Now 8 years later, Ostrich Pillow have expanded their assortment and offer new products that support wellbeing.and “Self-Care”.



Ostrich Pillow noticed how today's sedentary lifestyle lacks movement, especially for the legs.

We spend so much time still: commuting, in front of the computer, the TV, the tablet... This negatively affects blood circulation, increasing foot and leg swelling, fatigue...

Compression socks activates blood circulation by gradual compression to compensate the lack of movement in your day to day to decrease muscle soreness and fatigue in absolute comfort.


Whether you work long hours sitting or standing, travel long distances or simply lounging at home, just wear them so that their smart gradual compression (8-15 mmHg) activates your blood circulation.

ACTIVATION IN ABSOLUTE COMFORT: Comfortable, stylish and unisex, these bamboo compression socks are designed to keep your legs active and supported in your day-to-day life, even when you are not moving. Extra cushioned sole area to be in total comfort. The bamboo yarn, together with the reinforced heel and toe make them more durable. DOUBLE LINES, DOUBLE COLORS:

Smart, minimal but yet sleek. Their twin concept, reinforcing the dynamism even more, each sock has a different pattern and a different color.