Road trip with Allroundo® Power

For those of you that know me, you'll know that I have been involved in the consumer power category for a very very long time. First with Belkin, then Monster, and latterly, my brand "box". Recently, I had the opportunity to road test a new product from German manufacturer, Vonmahlen - a good friend to Hutton.Agency and a partner in Asia.

We took the Allroundo® power product on a long (and hot) day out in Northern Thailand.

Like all Vonmahlen products, the build quality and design is first class, it's little wonder really that the brand has been recognized globally (Red dot, IF design awards and many others) for their industrial design. Quality exudes from the packaging to the product - I particularly like the waterproof hard carry case that the cable and power bank sit within. There is no chance of losing the charge tips thanks to the zip closure, keeping everything neatly contained. Note that the tips and cable are also best in class - the cable extends (at a guess) to well over 5x it's coiled length - 120cm - and the tips (Apple MFI) including Micro, Type C and Lightning are constructed from Aluminium. Nice touch, Vonmahlen.

Before leaving for the trip, we fully charged the Allroundo® power. Charging is super easy - and you have a couple of choices.

Allroundo® power comes with a quality braided type C cable, charger (with all the international plugs) but it is also Qi wireless enabled. A first for me, to charge a portable power option using a wireless charger! I have a wireless charge pad sitting on the desk in my office that I use to charge my Samsung Note 9 (I know - but I'm not ready to upgrade yet) so this couldn't have been easier.

I love the way that you don't need to remove anything from the Nylon hard case, just place on the pad and off the charger goes - a series (4) of lights tell you where the Alroundo® power is in the charge cycle.

Fully charged we hit the road. Now I have a car charger, so first test was to remove the cable and charge my iPhone (iPhone 7) using the included MFI licensed charge tip. Pass. 100% charged before we arrived. I had deliberately let my Samsung Note run down on juice - wanting to test the Allroundo® power on the trip.

Planning on taking a load of photos, the battery is critical - I would have been super annoyed if the Allroundo® power didn't deliver. That said, Vonmahlen are a German company - so I should never have doubted the efficiency of a German product! Like a BMW or a Mercedes, the Alroundo® power kicked into action the second my low battery light came on. Within 20 minutes I was up to 60% and able to take some of the images below.

Priced at $49.00 (I remember back in the day an entry level 1500mAh lipstick charger was this price) I am always surprised at the quality/price of Vonmahlen products - whilst I don't want them to increase their pricing, they deliver exceptional value. What is also rare in this day and age, is to find a manufacturer who doesn't sacrifice quality on the bits that you don't see when you are making a decision on which product to buy. This would be an easy way to save cost, but instead, Vonmahlen have delivered quality end to end, not just on the Allroundo® power, but on all line that sit in their 2020 assortment. Take their BT headphones (see image in gallery) again they've delivered a user experience that rivals manufacturers selling similar headphones at 3x the RRSP. As a case in point, I recently purchased a leading brand of BT headphones at exactly that price difference and was disappointed that despite spending nearly $500, I received a soft travel case, and there is/was no noticeable difference in Audio quality.

All in all, we can't fault Allroundo® power. As a sync cable it delivers fast data transfer speeds, with an integrated battery, it will keep you mobile no matter how far you stray. We are very proud to work with this brand in Asia.

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