OMG, it's a BBQ...

Exactly our reaction when we first saw Kenluck's mini grill. Good design always catches the eye - it wasn't until we looked a little closer that we understood that good design (in this case) supports a real world need. We all need to eat.

The size of a kids school lunchbox (do those still exist?) the Kenluck mini grill brings the joy of BBQ everywhere and anywhere you want, but with one major difference - you will turn heads - even if your culinary skills are wanting. Available in a range of super stylish gloss or matte colours (more coming) bring a touch of style to your outdoor (or patio) adventures!

We're a team that love and appreciate good design. it's in our DNA. Whether this be tech, or in this instance, lifestyle accessories, I don't think that we've ever come across a grill that delivers this level of "wow". It's even better if design is not just for design's sake - but products that put a check in the functionality box also. Reminds me of that old Carlsberg ad on TV - probably the best beer in the world. If Carslberg made BBQ's then, without question they would look like the Kenluck Mini Grill. (other beers are available).

Sure, if you're looking for a BBQ to support a large garden party - this might not be for you; but, if you're looking for a "on the go" solution to bring the joy of BBQ'd food to your day out, your camping trip, or even your balcony - Kenluck Mini grill is definitely for you.

There is also the environmental angle. We've seen a huge uptake in the use of single use personal BBQ's. These litter beaches and camping sites all around the world. The Kenluck is obviously reusable, in fact it will be used again and again and again. BBQ will become a regular affair, I'm sure..