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You know that feeling when you buy a new suit and wear it for the first time? You look and feel a $1m. Treat your phone to the same experience (ok, so we know that the phone is an inanimate object - but you get the point). But seriously, why not? Take personal tailoring to the next level with a range of Timeless designs in Super 150's Australian and NZ wool. Spun with love ❤ in Biella, Italy.

We fell in love with Revested Milano the very first time that we spoke! A wardrobe (yes, that is the right word) of iPhone covers that will take personal styling to the next level. Revested Milano have a range of classic designs under the TIMELESS tag that simply ooze style and sophistication.

Products of the Timeless Collection are made with the finest Australian and New Zealand wools, then spun by wool mills in the Biella area, where the textile art employs procedures handed down over the centuries and intensely well-guarded guarded.

They are made with super 150’s wool, which combines shine, strength, a unique design and is extremely pleasing to the touch. The wool is prestigious because it is made with a remarkably thin thread, which requires a high number of “beats” of the loom. Each piece is unique, hand crafted with sartorial attention.