Ever noticed how combining things makes the whole better? Peanut Butter & Jelly, Ice cream & Sprinkles, Sundays and brunch - and staying on that theme "Bacon & Eggs" you could go as far as - Netflix & Chill (ok, too much?) In the same way Revested Milano & Apple iPhone are so (so so so) perfectly suited. Old world sartorial styling meets the latest in new world technology.

The brainchild of Milan based founder Andrea Bianconi, Revested Milano have gone much further than adding their brand to a premium case - they have reinvented the protection space altogether with a range of iPhone cases that screams personal style and sophistication. Sartorial styling meets Silicon valley.

Providing 360 degree protection, the Vibrant Silk collection for iPhone 12 is not just a protective case - the designs scream style and sophistication. Using the very finest Italian silks that hark back to an age of glamour and style (Sophia Lauren) the range is lovingly created by hand. Yes - each and every case is hand made using silks from the Lake Como region in Italy.

Available in a choice of unisex designs for all iPhone 12 sizes.

Hutton.Agency are (extremely) proud to work with Revested Milano in Asia. For more information on Revested or to discuss partnership opportunities in your market, please email.