Mathew Vernon | Ostrich Pillow Light

Mathew Vernon, EMEA Business Development Partner, puts the Ostrich Pillow Light through it's paces on a recent trip to Germany.

As a frequent flyer for both personal (my 12 year old son lives in Berlin) and work (EMEA is a big territory) reasons, as well as being somewhat of a geek, I’m constantly looking for the next Life-Hack that will make air travel if not enjoyable, at least bearable.

So, with this in mind, when my samples for Ostrich Pillow arrived, I was keen to book a flight to test them out in anger (if you’ve ever flown Ryanair before, you’ll know what I mean). The partial lifting of the COVID-19 travel restrictions presented my first opportunity since March, so credit card in hand, I booked my flight to Berlin from Heathrow.

My next dilemma was which Ostrich Pillow to take with me; the range includes many different models and colours.

I decided the Light would be the best option for my trip; A pillow for any occasion.  The light can be worn around your neck or as an eye mask, making it easy to rest your head no matter where you find yourself.

It’s also fully adjustable, reversible and machine washable, and crucially doesn’t take up much room in my suitcase.

I always ‘enjoy’ (well, it’s all relative) flying from Heathrow – although further from my house than some of the other options, there’s a good range of shops, restaurants and things to do.

Having left in plenty of time to do battle with the dreaded M25, meant I arrived at the terminal with a few hours to kill before my flight departed. 

A wander round the shops gave me an opportunity to compare the Ostrich Pillow to some of the other travel pillow solutions on the market – the majority of the products I could find were made of cheap feeling plasticky material, rather than the soft fabric of the Ostrich Pillow.  Some also had an annoying seam where the two halves had been stitched, and none of them were adjustable, let alone reversible.

Settling in to a socially distanced chair to while away the time until my gate was called, I dug the Ostrich Pillow out of my bag; tightened up around my neck it provided a warming hug in the draughty terminal building.  It also allowed me to sneak in a crafty nap against a conveniently placed pillar.

Once aboard the plane, the Ostrich Pillow was an ideal flying companion – the drawstring handily hooked over the coat hook when I wasn’t wearing it to keep it out of the way, and then when put over my head kept out the majority of the noise and light, allowing me to snooze away the rest of the flight in peace.

Although this was only a relatively short journey, the Light has certainly earned it’s place in my suitcase for future trips.  On a long-haul journey it would be an absolute necessity.

The return flight was similar to the outward journey and passed without incident, however on arrival at Heathrow I un-wittingly discovered another benefit; Having left the relative warmth of Germany and landed in cold and wet of the UK wearing just a t-shirt, the Ostrich Pillow also kept me warm on the walk back to my car.  In fact, it was so comfortable that when I arrived back in Peterborough 2 hours later, I realised I was still wearing it!

Hutton.Agency are (extremely) proud to work with OstrichPillow in Asia and Europe. For more information on Ostrich Pillow or to discuss the opportunity in your market, please email.

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