Let's get personal..

Looking to reward performance, incentivise new business, recognise loyalty? What better way than working with us on a range of custom branded products?

In addition to working with our partners on strategic business development in new territories, we've worked on countless projects involving custom branding for leading brands and corporations throughout EMEA and APAC.

What makes us different? We think outside of the gifting box, looking for design led, inspirational products that align with the goals and visions of our corporate partners. We work with some of the most inspirational tech and lifestyle brands - it just made sense to tie the ends together. Whilst there is nothing wrong with branded T-Shirts and Pens (and throw in a cap of two) we wanted to support our partnerships with something a little different, special, even, inspirational.

Who could forget the brand that rewarded loyalty with an Aluminium Bluetooth Speaker (below)? Surely every time music brings a smile (or perhaps a little jig) this would then be linked to you, the brand. I can't think of a better association!

With a full range of tech and lifestyle solutions for all budgets, starting from as little as $1.00ea (and without frightening MOQ's) we are in a unique position to offer solutions that deliver your marketing goals. From travel pillows to mobile phone cases; from Bluetooth headphones to embossed leather notebooks - we have a solution for everyone (but sorry no T-Shirts or Pens).

Think a little differently next time about your next project and reach out to discuss the possibilities: