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It's that time of year again, rumors abound - will it, won't it, maybe it will, maybe it won't. With cable/adaptor, without, with headphones, without...

We've heard all of them and whilst we can't share any insight into these questions, we can (and are delighted to) confirm the launch range from our case partners Grip2u and Revested Milano.

Preorders are being taken now for shipping in August from a limited first production. Yes, that means first come first served!

Grip2u have made several improvements to their 2020 assortment to support the new launch. Don't worry, they've still kept their unique band design (to prevent the drop), kickstand on the boost - and both models still support wireless charging.

Noteworthy improvements include: an antimicrobial coating on both the Slim and the Boost - both the case and the band, adding a soft touch TPU coating to the slim to provide more protection, and they've improved the "clear" boost case to make it "super clear". I think if I say any more, I will be in trouble. RRSP has been maintained. Launch offer below, two colors (the best sellers) available on launch - black (charcoal) and clear.

Preorder available now for the following models:

For more information on Grip2u or their 2020 assortment, please contact us: hello@hutton.agency

From the birthplace of European styling; Milan, comes a collection of luxury iPhone accessories that ooze style and sophistication. Looking for fashion over function? Revested bring sartorial styling to your iPhone. What better way to show off your shiny new phone than dress it in Italian threads? Yes - dress your phone!

Looking for something understated and elegant? We'd suggest the timeless collection. A little more daring, consider the vibrant silk collection (unisex).

Models below (right to left) Price of Wales Ischia | Jardin Osmanthus | Grand Tour Soleil | 7 Veils

Preorder available for the following models:

Hutton.Agency are proud to work with Revested Milano on strategic business development across APAC and EMEA (selected regions). For more information on the range, or to request samples, email: hello@hutton.agency

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