Daily Objects | Pimp my office

I don't know about you, but I've spent most of the last 4 months working from home. The more time I spend @ home (and this I am sure will continue post Covid19) the more I notice my make shift work environment is no longer fit for purpose.

Daily Objects have a range of design led, functional products to improve the aesthetic, storage, and remove mess that I've created at home. Just what we need in this brave new work world...

Founded by a group of serial entrepreneurs, Daily Objects began life with a vision to create design led functional products that improve our working life. We all work hard, who is to say that we cannot have a working space that inspires us, motivates us, makes us proud? The team at Hutton.Agency believe that the Daily Objects team have delivered against their vision and we are excited about bringing their desk led assortment to consumers in APAC and EMEA.

Daily Objects have a range of desktop mats, trays, mouse pads, notebooks and pencil cases. Many produced using Vegan leather. Images below:

In addition to the Daily Objects desktop assortment, Daily Objects have an assortment of super clever Macbook (other laptop brands also up to 16") stands that correct our posture when working. Bending over a laptop cannot cannot be good for the back, it just can't be. If I think about the hours that I spend daily hunched over my laptop it is really